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System Status

Report an outage in PeopleSoft, web application, internet, or other LBCC system.

Accounts and Access

Services related to network accounts as well as access to college systems like PeopleSoft or Laserfiche.

Computers, Devices, and Multimedia

Services related to computers, multimedia support, devices, and printers.

Internet and Network

Services related to network services and internet access.

Software and Applications

Services related to PeopleSoft, third-party solutions, and custom LBCC web applications.

Teaching and Learning Technology

For assistance with Canvas and other educational technology, email or go to for more information.

Online Learning & Educational Technology (OLET) is dedicated to supporting teaching and learning at LBCC, as well as contributing to student engagement, achievement and academic success. We support all disciplines to integrate educational technology into the curriculum of on-campus, hybrid and fully online courses, through the design and facilitation of technology-mediated student-centered practices, and the provision of professional development activities and collegewide training.


Services related to hardware and network infrastructure support.

Student Technology

Services related to student technology and solutions.

Information Security

Services related to information security, phishing, and safe practices.

Services (1)

Phone: Calling Issues

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